About this site:

Welcome, weary web traveler! Whatever brought you to my little rantspace, I'm glad you're here.  

My name is Elisabeth and I love to write fiction, travel, and learn languages. This is my author website for all things related to my fiction writing. On this site, I share information about my novel writing process, my poetry, and personal musings about life as a writer and creative. 

I am currently finishing final edits on my novel, The Mute Witness, in which a journalist must revisit the story of a refugee wrongly accused of a crime. Set in Philadelphia, it details some of my experiences working with refugees.

I am also in the process of writing a cyborg screenplay, which I am very excited to share.

Side plug-in: I am the founder of BorderLis, a travel blog for creatives and English language learners. Check out some of my travel writing and creative prompts at www.borderlis.com.

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